What We Do

The Cancer Support Group ACT Eden Monaro’s Own takes over some of the additional costs associated with cancer. We aim to reduce the level of financial stress that comes with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Presently we have over 900 patients apart of our family. Each patient is allocated $2,500 each to cover costs in the following ways:

Costs We Cover

What Does This Include?

What Does This Exclude?

How Much is Allocated?

How Often can you Claim?

Medication Costs

All over the counter and prescription medication related to your cancer treatment is billed to us. This includes vitamins, antibiotics, depression medication, pain medication, dressings, bandages, medicated skin creams and cancer treatment scripts.

Items not related to cancer treatment or its effects cannot be charged to the account.

Any amount within the $2,500 limit per patient

Anytime, the amount is charged to a pharmacy account that we pay monthly

Chemotherapy Costs

The cost of all chemotherapy medication.

Items not related to chemotherapy medication.

Any amount within the $2,500 limit per patient.

We pay the monthly bill sent to the patient by the treating hospital.

Food Supplements

We pay, order and deliver all food and drink supplements that are prescribed by a dietitian as part of the cancer treatment.

Items not prescribed by a dietitian.

Any amount within the $2,500 limit per patient

We order a monthly supply and we will reorder a months supply upon notification you have at least a weeks supply left.

Food and Petrol Vouchers

Woolworths Essential Gift Cards that can be used a Woolworths and Caltex.

Alcohol or tobacco products can not be purchased on these gift cards.

$100.00 per week.

Once a week and only upon request.

Gas/Electricity Costs

We can assist with the cost of a Gas or Electricity bill.

We can only pay a Gas or Electricity Bill, it cannot be both.

A once only payment of any amount up to $300.00.

Once only payment.

Free Event Entry

This can include various types of events, these may include events run by The Cancer Support Group or free tickets generously donated to us by event organisers.

N/A. Even if you are no longer a patient with us you can still be offered free event tickets.

Generally free entry, tickets and possible food and drink vouchers.

We will contact you when these are on offer.


If you or someone you know is in need of assistance and would like to join our family please contact us.

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Please note, we also require a letter from your GP or specialist to confirm the diagnosis.