Patient Profile*- Liam, 5 years old, Leukaemia

2 April 2015

We spoke to Dannielle about their journey with their 5 year old, Liam who was diagnosed with Leukaemia 2 years ago.

Patient Profile*- Liam, 5 years old, Leukaemia

CSG: Explain what has happened over the last 2 years?


“Our lives were changed forever when we were told our three year old son Liam had leukaemia and we very nearly lost him. It was our worst nightmare come true. 

We moved to Randwick and he went through 10 months of treatment in Sydney children's hospital. Following this he had 18 months of maintenance chemotherapy, then had a bone marrow procedure.”

CSG: When did you reach out to The Cancer Support Group for assistance?


“Three months in we reached out to you. The Cancer Support Group helped us with a pharmacy account as well as food and petrol vouchers to help us get back from Canberra & Sydney. It was such a huge help.”

CSG: Can you describe what it was like going through such as traumatic time?


“Unfortunately in the living hell that is a children's oncology ward you see the very worst of life and we have lived the sadness of some of our other parent friends who have lost this battle. Their brave little warriors will never ever be forgotten. Needless to say, we are beyond thankful that our prayers have been heard and our little boy is still safe in our arms.  

We are so proud of his inspiration and his bravery. He has never complained and throughout the whole treatment he has kept a smile on his face and on ours.”

CSG: How is Liam going now?


“We found out last week that his bone marrow check came clear & he is now in remission! Liam is not officially clear until the five year mark and it will always be a part of our lives through regular check ups and ongoing worry. The fear will never be gone but we have learned to live with it. Our hope is, and always will be, stronger than our fear.

He's conquered the worst life could throw, chemo throughout his body, needles, bone marrow aspirates, lumber punctures, the insertion of a port connected to his heart, lost his hair, gained weight, lost weight - endured a nasal gastric tube, lost even his personality for a while but gained it back tenfold! The chemotherapy drugs they had to give him have also brought on epilepsy so we still have a way to go but he has come so far- he even started school this year and we are just so, so proud. We are the luckiest parents in the world, and we live reminded of that every day.”

CSG: Thank you for your time, and we wish you nothing but the best for the future. Xx