Convoy for Cancer Families 2014 raised over $160,000!

5 February 2014

Convoy for Cancer 2014 was a huge success!

Convoy for Cancer Families 2014 raised over $160,000!

The Convoy for Cancer Families 2014 has raised over $160,000 to date for The Cancer Support Group.

The lead truck auction was a huge success raising $93,300 alone this year. This number jumped up to $98,300 when The Cancer Support Group received a late anonymous bid of $5,000.

A special thanks must go to Joel and Terry from TJS Transport who bid $32,000 and Enzo from Boss Excavation and Heavy Haulage who contributed $30,000.  Both companies received a number of sponsorships to supplement their bids.

The top bids from the truck companies made up the top 10 trucks in the Convoy. A big thank you goes out to the companies below who bid in the auction hosted by 104.7 last month.

- Tony from Canberra Concrete Recyclers bid $1,300.

- Chris from Elvin Transport bid $12,000.

- Murray from Wholesaler Sleeper Company bid $11,000.

- Fabio from Indetail $7,000.

Melissa Gardiner, CEO of The Cancer Support Group says this year has been a massive success for the Cancer Support Group.

"I became quite emotional during the auction because we never expected to receive such a massive response, particularly as this is only the second year we have run the Convoy in Canberra", Mrs Gardiner said.

Calculations are still being processed until after Scotty and Nige's showbag fundraiser at the  Royal Canberra Show on 21st - 23rd February 2014.

Thank you so much to the Trucking, Motorbike and other vehicle communities for your involvement.  Without you, the Convoy just wouldn't be.

Thank you to the organisers and volunteers who helped to make sure the event turned out to be so much fun for all involved.

Thank you to all those who came out to watch and be involved.  It was great to see so many people out to support the Convoy and The Cancer Support Group.

Thank you to Scotty & Nige for having the energy and enthusiasm!

All those involved and all those who participated in this event should feel a sense of pride.  You have made a difference to over 600 cancer patients living in Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounds.  

"Act like what you do makes a difference.  It does.  - William James"