Holcims Helping Hand Truck


Holcim and The Cancer Support Group are taking expressions of interest for the Holcim Helping Hand Truck fundraiser that will be running in Primary Schools & Childcare Centres throughout 2016-2017 to raise funds for The Convoy for Cancer Families 2017.

What Happens?

The school organises a 2.5m x 1.5m calico banner/s with the name of the school and asks the students to place their hand print on the material for a gold coin donation. We want all the kids to be involved so their are a number of options for the school to raise money, it's essentially up the school & students!


  • Fraser Primary had a number of non-uniform days and each day the kids wore a different colour that represents a particular Cancer.
  • St Judes Primary School donated the funds out of the students school fees.
  • Macgregor Primary organised a banner and kicked off their donations at their schools fate, along with donations from students on the day!
  • Get the SRC & P&C involved! They could organise a BBQ, bake sale or crazy hat day. The sky is the limit!

What do the students and the school get?

  • The participating school will have their banner/s on a concrete truck that will ride in the Convoy in 2017. We had over 2000 people watching from side of the road at Convoy 2016, so it will not be missed!
  • A fun day  supporting local people in the community going through a tough time. 
  • Mark from Holcim will arrange for one of the students (selected at random) to receive a ride to school in one of the concrete trucks.

Where does the money go?

This money is used to help families in the area who are going through Cancer treatment. The Cancer Support Group financally and emotionally assist kids, mums, dads, nans and pops who live in the ACT and surrounding areas going through Cancer. Because 100% of proceeds from our fundraisers go back to the local community we need your help to ensure our 950+ patients have sufficent funds to get through day to day life.

How do you get involved?

Please submit your EOI to The Cancer Support Group and they will be in touch to arrange the fundraiser with your school.

Thank you to our partners