About Us

The Cancer Support Group ACT Eden Monaro’s Own provides financial assistance to cancer patients and the family residing with them.  

Cancer does not wait for a convenient time to call on a family nor does it take into account the financial impact it will have on a family.  When an adult gets cancer it usually means either taking time off work or leaving their job entirely while receiving treatment.  It may also be necessary for their partner to take time off work to care for them.  This does not mean that the normal household bills stop.  And there are additional costs which come with cancer treatment.

We also assist by providing emotional support and relief to the families.  This mainly takes the form of our office staff being available to listen to the concerns of the cancer patients and their families, provide referrals to other services which are available and providing opportunities for cancer patients and their families to attend events at no cost.

Some of these events include our fundraisers like the Hawaiian Ball and the Convoy for Cancer Families.  Other events are made available to us by donations of free tickets by event holders.  The opportunities to enjoy a day out with their families are greatly reduced for cancer patients due to their financial situation.  The cancer patients and their families tell us that they really enjoy these events and appreciate the time out as a family.

We rely on our fundraising efforts and donations to provide ongoing services to cancer patients in need of finacial assistance, we are always looking for people to assist by either volunteering or donating.




Thank you for considering joining our family.